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We need a break!”

My husband and I looked at each other and immediately knew it was true. The hectic tempo of our go-go-go lifestyle had finally caught up with us. Navigating the sports and schoo...

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The hurdles of selling an estate.

Selling a family estate.

The estate executor contacted me, who happened to be the granddaughter. She was referred to me by a mutual friend.


Her grandparents built these properties. Her father, her, and other...

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It is an honor.

America's top 100 award certf


October 28, 2022 – Announcing the selection of Kim Simpson among America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents® for 2022. Selection to America’s Top 100 Real Esta...

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Fast Forward

Five Years Ago

I received a call from a buyer, who lived outside of the country. They were ready to move back to the states to be closer to family. The house they inquired about had been pulled from the market. Surprisingly to me, they w...

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We are seeing an inevitable shift

We've seen an inevitable shift in the market with conditions cooling down and pricing correcting itself. *
First, a comment on the general U.S. market is in order and I'll start with a quote from Mark Zandy of Moody's:
“I jus...

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Thyme to share-Blog

I call this Blue Therapy. I believe blue therapy is a necessity in someone's life.
For me, it truly takes the stress level down many notches. I can sit looking at the water or beach for hours. It is where I can run with many thoughts a...

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