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My Story

I see myself being a support system and trusted advisor. A thoughtful and efficient realtor with almost two decades in the business, who does not push or sell, But enables, my clients, by providing them with all of the information in order for them to make an informative decision when they are ready.
A home is never a fixture, never just a building, rather so much more comes into play. I work with human lives, and human emotions with clients’ hopes, dreams, and concerns. It’s my job to see the business of my clients as sincerely as they see it. For me, it just comes naturally.

I have helped hundreds & hundreds of buyers and sellers, and it is very important to me to demonstrate, even with the smallest interaction, to show them that I work relentlessly on their behalf, to keep them fully informed during the process, and meet their needs.

I began my real estate career in 2003, at the height of the housing market. “ Those days gave a false sense of the job- you’d stick a sign in the and it would practically sell while you were doing it., By 2007 my business was on a trajectory of success, however, a bad auto accident knocked me out of work for many, many months. Selfishly my best friend ( who worked with me and is now my right hand in the business) stepped up, helping me keep my business afloat, which I did through physical therapy, and many doctor’s appointments, every day was a struggle. Just when I was getting back on my feet the housing bubble burst. Like many agents, I had to weigh whether to switch careers or simply dig deeper. I was determined to stay in the business and educated myself about foreclosures, distressed properties, and short sales and learned all the niches to broaden my experience for the clients I worked for. But mostly in those tough years, I learned to listen and understand. I absorbed clients’ stories-and I made it personal to help in any way that I could. My business is about affecting lives, and I do not take that lightly.

Therefore, after many years of being with, what I call the Big Box or Franchise companies, I opened my own Boutique Brokerage because I wanted my business to be more personal, hands-on, and service-oriented. My boutique brokerage provides International exposure, with two locations; the heart of Middletown Delaware, and on The Eastern Shore of Maryland in Saint Michaels. Serving all of Delaware and all of The Eastern Shore.

I am a member of the world’s most exciting, prestigious, high-end, global real estate collective, built to disrupt from the inside and out. We have the technology to match the buyer to your home.
In addition, I have “Thyme’s Heart “which makes a donation from every transaction to shelters to allow them to help those in need to get into a home and or pay utility bills or just groceries.

Here are just a few comments from my clients;

“Kim Simpson is the most honest realtor I have ever met, She truly cares about clients and is always looking out for their best interest. We spend over a year dragging Kim to one house after another. Kim was always extremely energetic, helpful, funny, and defiantly never tried to push us into buying until we were 100% ready. It is extremely unusual to find such an honest, caring realtor who is truly looking out for their client, but that is what Kim Simpson is all about”

“Kim did an outstanding job with the sale of my grandparent’s estate. I think we ran into every roadblock imaginable and she tackled them all. I could never thank her enough for guiding our family through a very difficult time. If she was to get frustrated through all the difficulty, we never knew it. Kim is very kind, uplifting, and knows her job. If there was something she may not be certain about, she will figure it out or guide you in the right direction. I would refer Kim to anyone. Hands down the best!!”

Just a little personal information. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 33 years, I am a mother of four, and my relationship with God, my savior is extremely important to me. He is why I do what I do.

Although over the years, I have won countless awards, I do not measure my success by my awards, I measure it by the satisfaction of my clients.

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