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Kim Simpson: Turning Houses into Homes

Everyone wants a dream home for themselves, but buying one can be a highly complex process with many decisions to be made. Finding an abode that perfectly matches your needs can be daunting, and before accepting an offer, one has to do thorough research and complete a number of tasks. From looking for a home to purchasing one, some advice and analysis would be beneficial, and a realtor comes in handy here to help you make the right choices for the best buy. Kimberley, or Kim Simpson as she is popularly known, founder and broker of Thyme Real Estate, has acted as the support system for countless buyers and sellers and helped them bag the best deal.

Why Real Estate?
Early on, Kim thought getting into real estate would be interesting and fun. But she realized it was more of a whirlwind than simply buying and selling properties after her initial stint with RE/MAX Associates. Kim’s passion and dedication to turning people’s dreams of owning a home into reality made her found Kim Simpson Realty Group and Thyme Real Estate, a Boutique Brokerage, as she wanted her services to be more personal, hands-on, and service-oriented. She built her own small team and was joined by agents who were independent contractors.

A few years into the business, Kim received instant success, clients lined up to seek her advice, and her business flourished from strength to strength. Despite meeting with a personal setback in the form of an accident while her business was just taking off, Kim did not let that deter her. She educated herself about foreclosures and distressed properties and learned all the nuances to broaden her experience and create a niche for herself. Real estate was more than just business for her; it was personal.

Boutique Style Service

Buying or selling a home is not just a transaction but more like a life-altering experience. With almost two decades of experience in the sector, Kim has worked with countless clients to make their buying and selling journeys effortless. Backed by a team of experienced real estate professionals, Kim’s company is dedicated to providing personalized service amalgamating research, innovation, and consumer education. Kim is focused on her mission of putting the clients’ wants and needs first and not just pushing them aggressively into making a hasty decision that they might regret later. Her team guides the clients through the entire process with timely information about every bit, adding every industry insight and advice to it.

“My business is about affecting lives in the best way possible, and I do not take that lightly. I am a member of the world’s most exciting, prestigious, high-end, global real estate collective, with the technology to make apt matches between buyers and sellers. A lot of things can go wrong while buying and selling, so it is essential for the realtor to be by the side of the customer at all junctures,” Kim says. Her philanthropic venture, Thyme’s Heart, makes a donation from every transaction to shelters that help those in need to pay their utility bills and groceries or help them get into a home, either on rent or purchase.
Agents of Change

With her dedicated and hands-on service, Kim has consistently been in the top 2% of the industry and won countless awards. While she wants to expand her brokerage and bring in more agents under the umbrella to enjoy retirement life, Kim feels that real estate is a very flexible and gender-inclusive sector, and more women can think of making a career out of it. With COVID-19 throwing many women off gear from their routine 9-5 corporate jobs, many are now chartering into real estate to make it on their own while keeping their familial responsibilities intact.

“Build your brand, and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Fear will not get you anywhere, so what you believe in, and you will surely succeed with determination and perseverance. Learn more about the market dynamics and be ready to seize every opportunity for growth. Setbacks in any business are imminent, but that should not stop you from striving for the best,” Kim says while speaking with WomLEAD Magazine.

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