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Journaling in Real Estate

We need a break!”

My husband and I looked at each other and immediately knew it was true. The hectic tempo of our go-go-go lifestyle had finally caught up with us. Navigating the sports and school schedules of four kids on top of both of us working eighty to a hundred hours a week. Left us no choice but to be swept into the whirlwind of life. The stress of everyday life weighed heavily on our shoulders. Our hearts and minds raced in the day-to-day chaos of competing schedules and demands.

It was time to live life in a new way—time to set a new tempo.

We always felt a pull toward the charm of The Eastern Shore. One summer, it finally drew us in completely. The warm beauty of summer was nearing its end, and our kids were grown and living their exciting young adult lives. They all decided to do their own thing with friends instead of coming home for our usual Labor Day family party. In the newfound freedom of our next chapter, we finally followed our desire and took our boat for a ride to The Eastern Shore. 

My husband and I stopped for dinner at a waterfront restaurant and, after dinner, decided to go for a swim. Swimming in the cool, clear water and enjoying the expansive beauty captured our hearts. The easeful joy of the experience flooded our awareness. We decided right then that we needed to be on The Eastern Shore and started our waterfront home-buying journey. We fell in love with a piece of land on the water and began building our dream home. Knowing as our adult children settled down with their own families, it would bring us all together.

Now we have the opportunity to let go of the stress of daily life. We reset our minds by immersing ourselves in the gentle whisper of crashing waves while the cool breeze sweeps over our skin. Instead of listening to the constant noise of TV, we listen for the mewing call of seagulls and ducks as we take in the sunsets.

This is our Blue Therapy. 

Blue Therapy is the feeling you get as you overlook the water—it relaxes you and allows you to decompress. Creative thoughts flow from the calm, and you move into a positive state of mind.

Sometimes the sun glints off the water as smooth as glass, and other times the rhythmic waves crash onto the shore. Blue Therapy draws you into feelings of peace, tranquility, and awe as you grow connected to something greater than yourself.

When you choose Blue Therapy, you spend time walking barefoot in the grass or sand, living life outside of the daily grind. You start your day by watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee.

When you choose Blue Therapy, you can take a dip in the water. Do yoga on the sand or docks and enjoy water sports. You connect with loved ones over drinks and dinner while the sun dips below the horizon and the moon shines on the water.

By choosing Blue Therapy, you spend time reading on the porch or sitting in your Adirondack chair doing nothing. You relish chilly nights, sitting by a cozy bonfire as you overlook the water.

Blue Therapy allows you to spend precious time making memories with your family and friends. 

Whether you’re coming home to Blue Therapy at the end of your day. Arriving on a Friday night after a long week. Hopping in the car for a quick getaway weekend. Starting your summer off with Blue Therapy: take a deep breath and feel an immediate sense of relief. Everyone will jump out of the car with laughter, ready to start their Blue Therapy. This is where it all begins.

You can choose Blue Therapy by owning a home on the water or in a water-oriented town on the Bay, River, Beach, or Ocean,  whether it is your full-time home or a vacation home that may someday become your permanent home.

We all deserve the chance to unwind, slow down, and reset. 

It is an honor.

Choose Blue Therapy today by contacting us at Thyme Real Estate Co.

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